Driver License & ID Card

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Limited Driver License & ID Card Services

The Seminole County Tax Collector’s Office is NOT directly affiliated with the local Florida State Driver License Office. We serve only as a County agent to perform very limited license issuance functions.

Before visiting our offices, we strongly encourage you to check the status of your driver license to ensure you have all the documents required to complete your transaction.

ALL customers who are not REAL ID Compliant are required to provide the following three items:

  1. Original/certified copy of an original US birth certificate and chain of original or certified documents to link to current name (i.e. marriage license, divorce decree, death certificate) or current U.S. passport
  2. Social Security card
  3. Two current proofs of residential address reflecting address to be shown on license or ID card.


  • If you are already Real ID Compliant, two proofs of address will only be required if your address has changed.

With proper documentation as outlined above, the services offered include:

  • Certain Suspensions/Clearances
  • Certain Revocations
  • Certain Driver License Clearances
  • D6 Clearances/Financial Responsibility Stops (proof of insurance) for: 
    • Failed to pay traffic citation
    • Failed to appear for a traffic summons
    • Started, but failed to complete court ordered school
    • Chose school election when not eligible
    • Made school election, but failed to attend
    • Child Support stop clearance
  • DUI Clearances
  • Florida Driver License Issuance or Florida ID card.
  • Learner's Permit
  • Lost/Stolen Florida DL/ID card provided their digital picture image is on the state driver license computer file.
  • Addition of a Motorcycle Endorsement to a Florida license (class E or higher).  In addition to the required Real ID Act documents, the individual must also have the following:
    • Original DL with them, or if lost, their digital picture image must be on the state driver license computer file.
    • An updated electronic record reflecting successful completion of the Motorcycle Basic Rider Course by the training sponsor.
  • Name or Address Change on a Florida driver license or ID card.
    • Social security card and identity records must match the name to be placed on a Florida driver license or ID card. Contact the Social Security Administration 24 to 48 hours before applying for a driver license or ID card.
  • Renewal/Address Change on a CDL license with no HAZMAT or School Bus endorsement.
    • An original CDL or original CDL with HAZMAT must be processed at a full-service state driver license office. 
    • HAZMAT endorsements have Federal requirements for fingerprinting, a background check, and legal presence verification (applicants must be a U.S. Immigrant or a U.S. Citizen). 
  • Renewal of a Florida driver license or ID card. 
  • Replacement License or ID Card
  • Transfer of an out-of-state driver license to Florida.
  • Transfer of an out-of-country license to Florida from any US territory, Canada or France.  You must provide their original out-of-country license in addition to the Real ID Act documents.
  • Transfer of an out of state CDL driver license to Florida with no HAZMAT.
  • Driving Records
    • You may purchase your own Florida driver record from either the Lake Mary or Casselberry Branch Offices of the Seminole County Tax Collector, or any state driver license office. 
    • Individuals may only purchase their own driver license transcript and must present a valid form of identification.
    • There is a $14.25 fee for certified/ uncertified three-year history transcripts and a $16.25 fee for certified/ uncertified seven-year or complete history transcripts when purchased at a Tax Collector's Office. ($6.25 service fee included)

All Driver License services completed by the office of the Seminole County Tax Collector's Office include an additional Florida statutory $6.25 fee to partially reimburse labor, equipment, office and supply costs.